About ASAP Lab

We are a full-cycle development operations team
We knit together technologies and trends to create an exceptional user experience.


Compliance with the highest requirements
We are ready for the highest demands of the Ecommerce industry
Care of
24/7 server
How do we solve your problems?
Gather business requirements
We clarify your tasks, detect current problems and identify prospects.
Project architecture
Based on the requirements, we select servers, increase or decrease their number, and plan servers deployment, fault tolerance, data capacity, etc.
Clean migration
After checking the new architecture, we will transfer the data to new capacities and direct traffic to them. If you are using your old server, we will perform reverse migration of the configured virtualization. Proxying will reduce the downtime to just a few minutes.
Subscriber maintenance
After migration, we set up proactive monitoring and organize a remote backup system. We will address all the incoming challenges: installing and configuring software, opening access, optimizing configuration to handle high loads.
Primary setting
We configure new servers, launch virtualization, divide project components into virtual/physical servers, structure the data, clean up, fine-tune and optimize each component.
We guarantee safety and reliability
I'm afraid to grant access to sensitive information to your administrator.
Every employee signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that imposes a heavy penalty for disclosing sensitive information, whether it is server settings or data stored on it. We guarantee security.
I'm afraid that an emergency will happen at night, and your administrator will postpone the problem until the morning
We have a complex multi-layer monitoring system that does watch your server 24/7/365 non-stop with incident response time ~15min (according to SLA). The monitoring system keeps an eye on your server performance, security integrity, back up procedure and on hundreds of other indicators. Moreover, we have a secondary monitoring system that checks the primary one.
I am afraid of losses if you do not cope with my tasks
We sign a service level agreement (SLA). It regulates the maximum downtime time, processing speed of applications, and liability in case of SLA breach.
Subscriber maintenance
We connect to the servers using additional protection algorithms, including one-time passwords for two-factor authentication (OTP, 2FA), add brute-force checks, close all with firewalls that are not necessary for work.
How will you ensure uptime of ~99.9%?
With the help of DevOps-tools Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes and aligning with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes.
We use such DevOps-tools as Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes.