Custom hosting

A fully-managed and highly flexible hosting solution designed to meet the needs of heavily loaded eCommerce websites that require dedicated care.
The hosting which is only yours
The hosting which is yours
No patterns, no general solutions. Let's build an environment which is right for your business model and complements your marketing strategy. From the resources to the last glyph of code.
You've got no strings
Get unlocked from certain vendors. Choose technologies and service providers that you wish to integrate with your business platform. We’ll secure the implementation procedure.
Safe as Fort Knox
Custom Hosting includes additional security measures following the peculiarities of your industry, business type or level, audience, and physical residency. Concentrate on business, we'll cover your back.
Stay in the game
Unlike regular plans, Custom Hosting Solutions allow adding management means to enable you to keep your hand over the hosting and digital property on the server.
Teams integration
If you have your own development team or an admin, we can build an effective communication bridge between our teams. For reporting, for escalation, for interfering, for resolving and for routine management.
Individual SLA
As custom as this. We understand your business is special. And it needs special treatment including support. Let's create an SLA that leaves no chance for uncertainty for your business in stressful situations.
Feel unsatisfied with regular hosting solutions? Let's build something special. For business.