Full Server Maintenance and Support

We will take care of your infrastructure: configure and manage your servers, connect websites to our advanced monitoring system with 15-min response time according to SLA. No need to hire an expensive in-house IT team.
Single communication
work frame
99.9% uptime
Your website/ project can't sustain the number of growing incoming requests? Your system administrator is overwhelmed? The infrastructure is unstable and does not solve the tasks set by the developers?

We provide a comprehensive approach to the existing problems of your eCommerce project operation and performance. We will analyze and optimize all infrastructure components: from hardware (processors, disk subsystem) to the system (network stack, file systems) and software.
What is included in the service
Optimized performance of your server and website as an ongoing process
24x7 server availability monitoring
15 min incident react time
Backups to another server (incremental and full backups)
Technical support 9/5 for custom tasks
Client notification system
24/7/365 monitoring
Our monitoring system keeps an eye 24/7 on your server performance, security integrity, back up procedure and on hundreds of other indicators. Moreover, we have a secondary monitoring system to provide even more security for your projects.

We don't provide 24/7 human support because we trust our complex and efficient automation system but we guarantee that in case something happens the system will try to fix the issue or urgently escalate an incident to a duty engineer to double check it. The specialist will start to investigate the root cause and do possible solutions according to the SLA (15 min).
How we created a fault tolerant and high available infrastructure and implemented CD/CI processes in 3 months for an AI-based marketing app.
How we made a regular infrastructure check up with further optimization and growth plan in 2 weeks for eCommerce developers.
What our clients say
I have a technical question not related to the server. Can you help?
Sure. We are a full-cycle development operations team providing infrastructure for business, our main goal is to free more of your time for doing business, not wasting it on technical stuff.

Leave the server worries to professionals who have the experience, skills, and know-how of managing servers.