Infrastructure set up and DevOps for marketing app

Create a fault tolerant and high available infrastructure. Ensure CD/CI (continuous delivery and integration of code).

  • 1 Highload Architect
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 1 SysOps Administrator
  • Technical support team


3 months
Bolide is a developer of BolideAI ‑ Grow Store revenue - an AI-based marketing app for Shopify online stores. The app is more than just a set of marketing tools, it's a full marketing system built for eCom business with measurable indicators at each stage.
We carried work closely to the customer's development team from scratch up to the official release. This made it possible to increase the site's fault tolerance, make the development environment comfortable and reduce time-to-market. We continue to work with the Bolide company as managed service provider (MSP).
At first, we developed and prepared Docker images (templates for creating containers) and a Docker compose tool for easy development of numerous microservices and application micro frontends.
Then we prepared and put into operation 3 environments: development, quality assurance and production according to the customer's requirements. Each environment is precisely monitored; specially configured triggers and the profiling system of the project operation allow to detect problems quickly and solve them as soon as possible.
The infrastructure is based in Kubernetes clusters. The solution is fully described in accordance with the principles of IaC.
Project features
The project uses GitOps practices -this allows the app development team to use the familiar version control system Git to manage the infrastructure without going deeper into complex technical issues.
  • Ready reproducible fault-tolerant infrastructure based on Kubernetes prepared in accordance with the principles of IaC

  • Implemented and set up CI (continuous integration) and CD (code delivery) processes

  • Configured monitoring of applications and Kubernetes clusters with an alert and response system

  • Provided technical support for the project team during the app launch and subsequent operation
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