Complex Server Audit

Get expert recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure capacity and improve the speed, security and stability of your eCommerce website based on server audit with load and stress testing.
How fast does a website need to be? Statistics show that with each second a page takes to load, about 4% of users abandon it. One of the best ways to maintain quick load and keep your website data and network secure is regular server auditing.
Complex Server Audit can help you
Test website performance
Improve infrastructure security
Find performance bottlebecks
Develop growth strategy
How do we perform Complex Server Audit?
Server audit is a complex procedure of testing and analyzing the business backend considering its specific goals, benchmarks and best practices. When conducting a Complex Server Audit for our clients we examine your website and server from different sides — security, speed and stability.
Look for outdated software, available open ports, files and directories that can be compromised
Run stress-testing to get a complete picture of the server's behavior in different regular situations
Web Server Check
Analyze logs to study the history and find weaknesses in server configuration
Check collaborative software - the surrounding in which your database operates
Database Server Check
Find the issues that slow down your database
Application Server Check
Search for the optimization options to meet the benchmarks of the eCommerce industry which demonstrate the highest conversion rates
Infrastructure Investigation
Examine overall infrastructure configurations to find improvement opportunities, audit mail system, DNS, and other services used in the project and give general recommendations abour further operation.
What's next? Based on the Audit report, we will
List of misconfigurations and optimization options
List of expert recommendations of how to perform the optimization efficiently
Report on the server and website performance
Order Complex Server Audit with Stress Testing to get expert recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure capacity and improve speed, security and stability of your online store/marketplace and servers.