Complex Project Performance Investigation

Most online store owners sound the alarm when failures can no longer be ignored. Project audit will allow you to identify IN ADVANCE the performance bottlenecks in the code, databases, server and infrastructure settings.
Signs of low performance
Regular failures and website unavailability
Critical load on server resources with traffic growth
Frequent secure problems
Low page loading speed
Growing expenses
on IT infrastructure
Non-recoverable loss of data
Complex Performance Examination can help you
Detect performance bottlenecks
Find infrastructure misconfigurations
Improve security
Develop growth strategy
Learn how to increase productivity and availabilty of your website
How do we perform Complex Project Audit?
Server and project audit is a complex procedure of testing and analyzing the business backend considering its specific goals, benchmarks and best practices. For our clients we examine website, server and infrastructure from different sides — security, speed and stability.
  • 1
    Analysis of the current project state
    • Identify business tasks and current project problems as-is
    • Carry out load testing to determine the maximum performance (the maximum and optimal number of simultaneous users on the site, behaving like live users)
  • 2
    Web server and environment configuration
    • Analyze logs to study the history of the project performannce
    • Study PHP and SQL congfigurations
    • Run stress-testing to get a complete picture of the server's behavior in different regular situations
  • 3
    Basic security testing
    • Check the security of the application (settings, tweaks, configuration)
    • Test server security (PHP, MySQL, web server)
    • Find outdated software, available open ports, files and directories that can be compromised
  • 4
    Bottlenecks in the project code and sql queries
    • Create a copy of the project on our environment and deeply profile the work of the application
    • Find factors that slow down the work of the database and the project as a whole
  • 5
    Comprehensive study of the project infrastructure
    • Carry out a due diligence of the overall project infrastructure in order to prepare recommendations for optimization
    • Study the work of the email service, DNS, FTP and other services used in the project
    • Check CDN (content delivery network), SSL / TLS
  • 6
    Recommendations for improving the performance of the store
    Based on the collected data, we generate a report and a set of recommendations for optimizing the work of the project. You will get a "complete picture of the world" in order to understand exactly what and how to improve in order to have a tangible effect in terms of productivity and stability of the project.Recommendations for c hanges that are attached to the report can be implemented independently, or you can entrust it to us.

    • List of server settings that require optimization or fine-tuning
    • Report on the server and website performance
    • List of bottlenecks in the project code and sql queries
    • Results of basic security testing
    • List of expert recommendations for performance optimization
  • 7
    Repeat load testing
    When the client makes the changes recommended by the ASAP Lab team, we will repeat the load and stress testing of the project performance for free to compare the project performance.
How we created a fault tolerant and high available infrastructure and implemented CD/CI processes in 3 months for an AI-based marketing app.
How we made a regular infrastructure check up with further optimization and growth plan in 2 weeks for eCommerce developers.
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What's next?
Now you have a roadmap to a higher website productivity, it's time to make the recommended changes on your own or trust the optimization works to ASAP Lab experts.
We are a team of certified SysOps administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers. Since 2006, we have been part of the Simtech group and a provider of managed services for CS-Cart, Simtech Development and 1000+ clients from 170 countries.
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to professionals!
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to optimize your infrastructure capacity and improve the speed, security
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