Build a bridge between development and production. Unite them into a single rapid deployment machine.
ASAP Labs break the barriers between developers and product managers to enhance communication and collaboration, better automate software deployment, and adopt changes easier. We ensure the scalability and security of the solutions we provide.
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What are the main values of DevOps?
Continuous release & deployment
Establish a proper delivery workflow to facilitate continuous deployment of software to QA (staging) and then to production autonomously. This assures that each and every change to the code is proven to be deployable at any time. As a result, the systems absorb rapid changes.
Continuous testing
Enable continuous testing of solutions to ensure that your code performs as designed and integrates with other components of the application.
Continuous monitoring
Collect metrics such as log output, server health, development milestones, vulnerabilities, deployments, and user activity. Deliver smart alerts to allow all the stakeholders to respond immediately regarding the quality of delivered features.
Continuous feedback & optimization
Track user behavior and detect the software bottlenecks as they occur to take the appropriate and immediate remedy actions. It improves the solution and enhances user experience.
Exclude human factor by automating routine and production processes to increase their efficiency. Our clients now have
3 times fewer system failures, spend 50% less time to resolve security problems and 22% less time and money for unplanned work.