Load Testing

Ensure stable operation of your eCommerce site at peak loads. Mitigate risks while releasing new features or connecting new systems. Stay confident in the system performance and endurance.

Load testing emulates the simultaneous operation of hundreds and thousands users to analyze the system operation under load. It includes checking performance, stability, scalability, stress and fault tolerance. As a result, you get a report with information on the maximum system performance, monitoring results, and practical recommendations for optimizing system performance.
Bad performance of an eCommerce project may result in financial losses due to the system failure, loss of customers unhappy with the your site operation, and finally loss of reputation.
Load Testing can help you
Launch a new eCommerce project with a large number of users
Find out the maximum load that your eCommerce site can sustain
Effectively cope with a season of high sales
Introduce new services and connect more systems
How do we perform Load Testing?
Optimize the application code and database queries to increase the number of processed users
Check the system stability for memory leaks on the server
We define the maximum system performance (maximum and optimal number of users)
Check the stress tolerance to find out whether the system can restore its own operability even after load surges
Check scalability to explore opportunities of adding another server or RAM to increase the number of users
What's next? After Load Testing is done, you will get
A comprehensive report with the information on the maximum system performance, performance monitoring results such as response times, system resources, and practical recommendations for optimizing system performance.List of misconfigurations and optimization options
What is the difference between load testing and software testing?
Load testing is a controlled test of infrastructure for system fault tolerance with a multiple increase in load. While standard testing is aimed at checking the correspondence between the actual and expected behavior of the program, for example, the completion of the authorization process or a successful purchase in the store.
Do you need any access for testing?
Before testing we ask our clients to whitelist our IP address and allocate a period of time with the minimum workload in the store in order to avoid disruptions.
When load testing is a must?
You are planning your first big marketing campaign/sale after your store launch or update. Without understanding the request limit that your project can handle, you risk getting an unavailable store in the midst of a promotion.
Why perform load testing when you migrate to a new hosting?
Server configuration depends primarily on the initial project data. Whether you're looking to expand your outreach, enter new markets, or launch new services, make sure your new server can handle the increasing load.
My site is down. How can load testing help me?
If you had an incident, we can help you understand the reason why the infrastructure could not cope with the increase in traffic. By optimizing your server based on the recommendations we provide after testing you will be able to avoid repeated downtime and financial losses.
What should I do if load testing demonstrates poor site performance?
When system fault tolerance is low, we generally recommend implementing a caching system, increasing server capacity, or, preferably, conducting a comprehensive performance audit.
What should I do if my inhouse specialists are not able to eliminate the problems identified during the load testing?
We are a full-stack team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers providing business solutions for your eCommerce websites. Our staff includes info security experts who monitor all your projects and protect them from hacker attacks. PHP developers are also with us! With this team of experienced web professionals by your hand, your business strategic development becomes an easy task.
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Try Load Testing to get to know your eCommerce project maximum load potential, get ready for peak season sales, be capable of introducing new features, systems or launch heavy-traffic ad campaigns without loss of performance.