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Infrastructure Audit: 4 Why and 3 When

An infrastructure audit is a set of measures for conducting a research and analysis of the current IT system within a company. The infrastructure is assessed for compliance with the company’s requirements and the need for modernization.

Objectives of the infrastructure audit

  • Checking the server operation and settings
  • Infrastructure audit before migration to the cloud
  • Improving the web, database and app server performance, and code analysis
  • Reducing IT costs to optimize budgets
  • IT modernization
  • Checking information security, data protection, access rights management policies.
  • Checking the correct configuration and maximum functioning of the information system that is used in the company;
  • Identification of errors in the operation of one or several IT systems;
  • Providing services to optimize the management of an IT system in accordance with the best practices for setting up and maintaining its work.

Why you need infrastructure audit

  1. Ensure the efficiency and security of the project information system
  2. Reduce the cost of information infrastructure while maintaining the high quality
  3. The current state of the IT infrastructure is becoming an obstacle to further business development;
  4. Optimize relationships with in-house IT professionals.

When you need infrastructure audit

  1. Your business is facing significant IT decision-making challenges;
  2. IT support costs increase, but efficiency does not;
  3. The structure of the organization has changed significantly.

How we perform Infrastructure Audit in ASAPLab

Our team conducts a professional audit of the current infrastructure. You will receive a detailed report on the server and website performance, the list of misconfigurations and optimization options, and the list of expert recommendations of how to perform the optimization effectively. The report will list the problems, identify ways to eliminate and prevent them in the future, and suggest the implementation recommendations.
Finally you get a clue how to optimize and configure your infrastructure for maximum performance.

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