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The Ultimate Cloud Hosting Solution For Multi-Vendor Marketplace Business

Hosting different Ecommerce platforms requires a different approach. Some need more resources, some come complicated infrastructure. The same goes for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. In most cases, regular hosting solutions will work for both platforms, but we hate "regular" here at Simtech Development. So we created a unique high-performance and business-oriented hosting solution for Multi-Vendor businesses.

General requirements for the Ecommerce hosting

Following is the list of must-haves for any Ecommerce hosting regardless of the platform.


It is recommended to make a choice of hosting, on which this parameter will be not lower than 99.9% ("idle time" is not more than 50 minutes in one month).


The hosting provider has a system or a procedure for constant monitoring of server security. It can include searching for open ports or vulnerable files that are accessible from the outside, updating the server software and alerting procedures.


Customers want to make purchases with a minimum of actions without waiting for the site to load. Slowing down the store will inevitably lead to the loss of potential customers, deterioration of the company's image and sales.

Technical support

Uninterrupted and competent technical support will help to quickly solve all the problems that may arise with access to the online store.

Cloud hosting solution for Multi-Vendor business: Highload & Scalability

In addition to the previous requirements, we adapt our Cloud hosting solution for Multi-Vendor to sustain Highload and provide smooth Scalability.

What is Highload?

First of all, highload is an extremely relative concept. It is never measured by the number of requests or the speed of the site. The highload moment comes when your current infrastructure begins to show the first signs that it is no longer coping with the load. If you have a 128 MB VPS – for you it can be 2 requests per second.

How we get ready for highload

There's no configuration set that works for everyone. Each time we cook a unique bundle of settings that will work for a certain project.

  • Configure Nginx for maximum performance (connections processing, requests processing, logging, compression)
  • Configure content delivery (caching, download speed)
  • Configure MySQL (logging speed, buffering, compression, caching)
  • Configure PHP
  • Set up performance monitoring to control and fine tune web server configuration

At the same time, we focus on the flexibility of the infrastructure that will allow us to amend it due to the business requirements.

What is Scalability?

Scaling is configuring server resources to be able to maintain consistent and predictive performance at the lowest possible cost. Scalability is essential for business expansion which implies growth of traffic, requests, database size, etc.

How we provide auto-scaling

  • Monitoring. We have an automated multi-level server monitoring system that informs us about the status of server resources.
  • Adding resources. Your store does not even need to close for maintenance. We add server resources without business interruption.
  • Sufficiency principle. We add the exact amount of resources needed at the moment. Not two or three times more than you need, but just as much as required for the stable and predictive performance of your business, taking into account the actual load and the dynamics of its growth.
  • Scaling back down. If the resources are no longer used, the monitoring system notifies us about that and we scale down the server to decrease your expenses.

Scalability for Multi-Vendor is vital as the traffic spike can be tremendous due to a large number of products, vendors and possible simultaneous requests to application or database. Auto-scaling is smooth so your customers won't experience low load speed even during high load periods.

Additional speed booster: Varnish

Varnish cache technology allows increasing page load speed by up to 5 times. It reduces the number of requests to the server while loading the page. As a result – faster store and better shopping experience. Learn more about it.

Multi-Vendor-ready at core

Multi-Vendor platform and marketplace business have peculiarities which should be considered by hosting service provider. Neglecting them can result in a financial loss by the business. Cloud hosting solution for Multi-Vendor marketplaces by Simtech Development takes the business model into account and builds an infrastructure ready to respond to any possible risks.