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Auto-Scaling For CS-Cart In AWS Infrastructure

What is server scaling

Simply put, scaling is configuring server resources to be able to maintain consistent and predictive performance at the lowest possible cost. Scaling is not relevant for startups, simple cloud resources will be enough for them. The difficulties emerge later as the project grows when the number of customers increases and the initial resources can no longer cope with the load. And the way the initial infrastructure is designed doesn't allow safe and smooth expansion, so it requires redeveloping.

Why online stores need scaling capabilities

Lack of scalability can harm your business. Scalability gives you confidence that the store is ready for traffic spikes and scheduled load changes like sales promotions and holiday shopping. Plus, scalability is essential for business expansion which implies growth of traffic, requests, database size, etc.

Auto-scaling for CS-Cart online stores

We have created a reliable solution for safe and fast auto-scaling for projects based on CS-Cart. It is implemented using AWS resources and services. We monitor the resources and can quickly scale them to ensure optimal performance of your online store at the lowest possible cost.

Our solution is designed taking into account the specific features of CS-Cart and the environment it operates in.

Advantages of auto-scaling for CS-Cart businesses

  • Prevention. We have an automated multi-level server monitoring system that informs us about the status of server resources. We offer solutions to our customers long before the resources run out, or scale resources up and down automatically.
  • Efficiency. Infrastructure control allows us to minimize scaling time. Your store does not even need to close for maintenance.
  • Only necessary expenses. We add the exact amount of resources needed at the moment. Not two or three times more than you need, but just as much as required for the stable and predictive performance of your business, taking into account the actual load and the dynamics of its growth. When the load decreases, your expenses decrease as well.
  • Peace of mind. Manual tasks are automated to reduce errors and focus on customers.

Better experience for your customers

  • High load speed. Lack of resources will no longer cause troubles to your customers. Your store will open almost in an instant and surfing around it will be faster than ever.
  • 24/7 availability. The store will not go offline due to the lack of server resources. The customers will be able to access it anytime.
  • Fewer errors. Simultaneous actions can slow down the store performance significantly and even can cause errors at the most sensitive stages of the customer journey such as checkout. This is a common issue when launching promotion campaigns in Ecommerce. Auto-scaling helps to protect your store from that.