Managed eCommerce Hosting

A cutting-edge technical solution designed for eCommerce that includes a dedicated server for your online store or marketplace, server and website monitoring, daily backups and 24/7 server incidents reaction.
Our clients claim
22% less time and money on unplanned works
50% less time to solve security problems
3 times less system failures
High-performance and safe solutions configured for the most popular CMS based on PHP+MySQL
Proven methodology to migrate projects with almost no downtime
Optimized servers for quick and secure operation of your online store or marketplace
Our Services
Maximum business protection. Server monitoring, server software updates, daily backups to different data centers, basic DDoS protection and configured SSL.
VPS Hosting
eCommerce hosting on high-performance servers with SSD disks and NVMe. Thin configuration of server software for project requirements.
Add the exact amount of resources required at the moment, taking into account the real load and growth dynamics. As the load decreases, your costs also decrease.
Not happy with standard hosting solutions? Customization of servers for your platform, business model and marketing strategy. From resources to the last symbol in the code.
Our Advantages
Full daily backups
Free Migration & SSL
High performance special-tweaked servers
Bot/DDoS protection & Security scanning
24/7 Real-time Monitoring & SLA
Speed & Performance optimization
Host your projects on a managed platform built for eCommerce businesses, agencies, and developers, all monitored by 24/7/365 with SLA and excellent tech support.