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Introducing a New Powerful Tool for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor: Cache Monitor

We are excited to announce the release of a new CS-Cart open source add-on that provides a powerful monitoring feature for cache invalidation procedures.
Our add-on helps online store owners keep their websites running smoothly and efficiently by tracking both global and performance-impacting partial cache invalidation processes.
Short prequel. The ASAP Lab team specializes in complex project performance investigations for eCommerce websites. During numerous investigations we have identified that common issues manifesting in low page load speed, demonstration of outdated data, Page Not Found errors might result from poor cache management when store administrators or even developers are not fully aware how the caching system works and how to monitor the cache invalidation process properly. This is why we developed a FREE add-on for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor shops and decided to make it open source.
The add-on provides detailed logs for cache invalidation actions and informs if the "Rebuild cache automatically" option or the "Disable_block_cache" tweak are enabled. This will help you rule out cases where you may have forgotten to turn these options OFF during the development process.
Our statistics show that in 20% of the projects these options are left ON in live mode and this has a negative impact on the user experience.
ASAP Lab Cache Monitor
ASAP Lab Cache Monitor

Cache Monitor can help make project performance investigations and detect bottlenecks associated with CS-Cart cache. This is a valuable toolkit for anyone looking to optimize the performance of their website.
You can download the ASAP Lab Cache Monitor add-on here FREE of charge
  • In case you want to see some new features, you can create feature-request here here
  • Also, you can create features on your own and make a pull request

But that's not all! On this occasion, we're also offering a special promotion for our Complex Project Performance Investigation service. From now until the end of February 2023, you can order a thorough website audit with a 30% discount.
This service includes infrastructure and a project code performance audits, load and stress testing of your website. As a result, we will identify the root causes of performance issues and give recommendation on how to optimize your website's performance
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve the performance of your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor website. Download our open source cache invalidation monitoring add-on today and contact us to take advantage of our special promotion on the Complex Project Performance Investigation service.