Security Audit
for online stores and marketplaces

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex every day. We will check your store for common security risks and vulnerabilities before they cause significant damage to your sales
and business reputation.
Am I at risk?
Some business owners and unfortunately even webmasters believe that hackers are only interested in highly visited and popular Internet projects. We hasten to disappoint you. In practice we see that unsecured web projects, even with low traffic can be attractive to hackers. So if you neglect security measures, your online store or marketplace is under the threat of hacking and infectioт no matter the size.
First signs of cyber attack
If you discover or suspect any of these points, we strongly recommend to run a security audit urgently!
Unauthorized advertisements or any other information created by an unknown source
Confidential information removed or stolen
Your clients receive spam messages to your customers
Visitors are automatically redirected to third-party resources
Hosting blocked the account
The site is marked as Not secure
The pages are infected with a malicious virus
What might happen if your website gets hacked?

Worst-case scenario. Due to a hack you can lose your entire project, customers and business reputation.
Hoster blocking
If your hosting provider detects malicious code during a scheduled check, they might block access to the site. Visitors will see the 503 error status instead of the storefront.
Online stores process sensitive data of customers. No need to tell what happens if due to the actions of hackers, this information falls into the hands of fraudsters.
Low load speed, incomplete checkout, unauthorized advertisements, redirects to external resources, and this is only the beginning of the list.
Malfunction of website
Website disabled or deleted
Block from search engines
If search engines detect security risks they usually place a warning Not secure, this will negatively affect the attendance.
What is included in Security Audit
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST) to check code for known vulnerabilities
  • Manual checks for each trigger or suspicious place in the project
  • Preparation of Proof of Concept (POC) and identification by OWASP framework, STRIDE for classification, and DREAD to determine risk and system impacts with CVSS v3.1 scoring
The Open Web Application Security Project® is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software
test a software product or application with partial knowledge of internal structure of the application. The purpose of gray box testing is to search and identify the defects due to improper code structure or improper use of applications
examine the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures
PoC involves modeling the operation of software or an exploit with a view to determining the optimal ways to protect — or the potential to compromise — a computer system. Kaspersky IT Encyclopedia.
What do you get as a result
Detailed report on security status of your project
List of identified vulnerabilities and possible attacks
Recommendations for their elimination and prevention.
How we created a fault tolerant and high available infrastructure and implemented CD/CI processes in 3 months for an AI-based marketing app.
How we made a regular infrastructure check up with further optimization and growth plan in 2 weeks for eCommerce developers.
What our clients say
Leave security worries
to professionals!
When it comes to eCommerce site security, you've got a lot to think about. Unless you're a huge business with a dedicated team to keep a watchful eye. We in ASAP Lab will take care of your website to mitigate security risks.