Server and Infrastructure Optimization

Optimize the performance of the server and the website and improve business security. Server optimization comprises obligatory Complex Server Audit with load and stress testing.
eCommerce business functioning is based on availability and functionality of its network for everyday business needs. Low speed, server unavailability and security problems result in losing customers who abandon your website and go to faster and more reliable competitors.
Server Optimization can help you
Improve business security
Find performance bottlenecks and improvement opportunities
Optimize the performance of the server and the website
Maintain your infrastructure at maximum capacity
How do we perform Server Optimization?
Before starting the optimization process we perform a Complex Server Audit to identify the bottlenecks and possible risks of the current solution.
Deep analysis of the received data to identify errors, misconfigurations and other weak points
Creating a plan of consistent correction of identified shortcomings
Server Audit includes
Professional stress and load testing in different regular situations taking into account website visitors profiles
What's next? Based on the Audit report, we will
Configure the settings of the web server, database server and the application server the way to match the strategic tasks of your business
Check the compatibility of the versions with each other
Improve the website and server speed, security and stability considering your platform, your strategy and your goals
Оptimize the important parts of the infrastructure
Hide the sensitive touch points between server and the web, like files, directories and ports accessible from the outside
Update the software if needed and give recommendations on further development
What our clients say
Try Server and Inrastructure Performance Optimization to reinforce your infrastructure, increase load speed, protect your business from hacking and attacks and save money as a result.